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Central Heating Installation

At Eco Efficient Gloucester, we offer amazing central heating services. Our experienced team has been helping residents from Barnwood, Cheltenham, Longlevens, Quedgeley and Broookthorpe areas in central heating installations and upgrades. All our options and solutions are chosen carefully to suit your needs. Our focus is on energy efficient options which are functional, combine heating/cooling components and hot water functions for your business or home. You are our priority so we listen to your needs, concerns, questions and expectations then we work towards meeting your needs. We do not rest until you are happy with our work.

Our central heating installations team has over 10 years’ experience. The team is comprised of trained and qualified professional who boast of accreditation and approval by top heating systems suppliers. They have a vast of knowledge and can install or upgrade any heating system regardless of its make or model. As authorities in the heating industry, we can offer advice on the best system for you. To continue serving our customers better, we are committed to continuous training and education.

Some of the central heating systems that we install include;

  • In-wall, in-floors and in-ceiling– Pipes are installed in walls or ceilings or the floor. Hot or cold water passes through the pipes radiating heat or cold into the living space: This is how it cools or heats the rooms.
  • Hydronic Fan cool System -The system uses vets and fans fitted on the ceilings and floor to disperse warm air in the building. One of the advantages of the systems is that it is economical as you can heat individual rooms separately as required.
  • Radiator System – Hot water passes through the radiators to heat the rooms. Although the system does not cool the rooms, it is efficient, very quiet and easy to retro-fit. 
  • Brivis Ducted Climate System – It is one of the best central heating systems in the UK. The system heats the whole premises fast, efficiently and evenly. It is very safe to use in any place.

We put safety first during our central heating installation in Gloucester. We only hire professionals for they know how to install the system safely and to observe all safety procedures. Improper installations can lead to unnecessary costs and can place your loved ones at risk. Gas leaks can cause health issues and in serious cases, there can be cases of death. Choosing the right system is as important as hiring the right professional. This is why we like to offer free advice on the type of boiler to use. We also have a free no obligation quote for you to confirm how affordable prices are for our services.

We strive to provide efficient, friendly and prompt services here at Eco EfficientGloucester. If you would like information on central heating, a quote or our experts, reach out to us. We are happy to hear from you and to help.

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